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so i decided to open up the option of commissioning me.
been considering this for a long time and thought. "why the hell not!"
more to the point.... :dummy with a sword: 

what can i do?

well to those who dont already know. i am a digital artist.
my abilities in theis area include but are not limited to:
Bullet; Purple Backgrounds
Bullet; Purple wallpapers
Bullet; Purple OC's
Bullet; Purple avatars
Bullet; Purple pixel art
Bullet; Purple simple animations
Bullet; Purple damn near anything you can come up with X) (ofcourse within certain limitations)
here are some examples of my most popular work along with something they could possibly have been used for
The Titan Lume by TheGentlemanCupcakeDancing Embers by TheGentlemanCupcakeTranquillity by TheGentlemanCupcake
  phone wallpaper  phone wallpaper  computer wallpaper

Espeon Commission V.2 by TheGentlemanCupcakeParallel Paths by TheGentlemanCupcake

Gems by TheGentlemanCupcake
  computer wallpaper

for more examples check out my gallery here:

and go to the bottom of this journal to see previous commissions.

if you have any further questions about what i can and will make you can ask them via tumblr, facebook or right here on deviantart via either a note or a comment.
if nothing stops me i should respond within a day.

here are some links to the previously mentioned pages:

these are also the places i'd want you to contact me if you want a commission.

the general things that im willing to do are ofcourse limited.
for example:
i will not take on too big projects if i dont have the time.
i will not draw pornographic images.
Anime/manga style is not not quite my strong side. if you want me to draw anime/manga style you should not set your expectations too high.

i may have forgotten something but ill be sure to let you know if you're asking for something that im not willing to draw.

what will it cost?

prices will ofcourse depend on the difficulty of the project and the time i have to spend on it.
though sadly the exact fair price is incredibly difficult to define.
i generally hope to at least be payed minimum wage for my work but i can go lower if your idea good and i have the time otherwise. 
as a fair warning: if you offer me something like 30 points aka 0,38 dollars i simply cannot accept that for what should be obvious reasons.

i set up a few general categories of difficulty below. that might help a bit to understand the general difficulty of the picture and thus the price.
so please contact me and we might find something out depending on difficulty and how much you can afford to spend.

  [1. category][2. category][3. category][4. category][5. category]

1. category:
this category if for the very simpelest and easiest of commisons.
things such as sketches, lineart and very simple drawings or colourings fall under this category.

Expected time consumption: 1-3 hours
possible examples:

2. category:
this categori is mostly for single simple character designs with simple or no background also includes simple landscapes and scenery.

Expected time consumption: 3-5 hours
possible examples: 
Espeon Commission V.2 Sitting Pretty (commission)Perfect Camouflage Albatross (Commission)

3. category:
this category is for more advanced single characters with more detailed backgrounds.
it also includes more advanced landscapes and scenery (such as cities or forrests) as these take much longer than ordinary pictures.

Expected time consumption: 4-8 hours
possible examples:
The Arbiter Balance and Beauty (commission) A Strange Room (commission)Tranquillity

4. category:
this category is for pictures with several characters of more or less advances design with included advanced scenere or landscape or scenery.

Expected time consumption: 10-20 hours
possible examples:
Surrounded All My Slimes In The Light Of Your Lost Soul

5. category:  
this is the doozey category X)
this category is reserved for very difficult and time consuming projects. such as large team pictures with detailed characters.

Expected time consumption: unpredictable 15 hours+
possible examples: 
The Team Team Incompetence

Note:im also willing to try things out of my style and out of any of these categories... prices for that will have to be discussed in person. and i cannot promise a deadline or anything as such since i may not have experience in the subject.

what to do when you want a commission

when you want a commission you just have to contact me through one of theese means:
My email:
right here on Deviantart through note or comment on this journal.
we will descuss the details and cost of your commission. :meow:
and after a commission has been decided, i'll list the name of the commissioner along with the category of the commission and the latest progress update in the commission slots at the bottom of this journal

payment methods

ill be accepting payment through either paypal or points on deviantart, since i dont actuelly know any other methods Xs
usually payment will happen once the commission has been completed. in certain cases like a 5. category i may ask for half the payment in advance so i dont waste too much time on a commission that the commissioner may redecide on.

and... thats about it. Psyco thank you so very much if you decide you want a commission.
if you have any further questions feel free to ask them in any way you see fit.






Completed commissions

Espeon Commission V.1 by TheGentlemanCupcakeEspeon Commission V.2 by TheGentlemanCupcake
for  :iconpulseinfinity: (special free commission) (difficulty 2)

Sugar Droplets (commission) by TheGentlemanCupcake
for :iconcherrytheblossom:(special free commission) (difficulty 2)

Cuddle-wolves (commission) by TheGentlemanCupcake
for :icontoxicnightmare756: (special free commission) (difficulty 2)

A Strange Room (commission) by TheGentlemanCupcake
for :iconsonorousdawn:(first payed commission) (difficulty 4)

Alone With Me (commission) by TheGentlemanCupcakeRoadkill (Commission) by TheGentlemanCupcakeAn Open Grave (commission) by TheGentlemanCupcakeDown The Hall (commission) by TheGentlemanCupcakeDont Hang Up (commission) by TheGentlemanCupcakeUnwanted markings (commission) by TheGentlemanCupcake
for a family member (ongoing) (several difficulty 2ish pictures)

Balance and Beauty (commission) by TheGentlemanCupcake
for:iconad-referendum:(difficulty 3)


Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2015, 12:43 AM

The title pretty much tells the story X)
i got a tumblr now WOoooooOOOOOoooOOOooohhhh :iconwooooplz:
so yea.... ist properbly not that big a deal but feel free to check it out here:…

oh and i also have a facebook page now too.... so if thats interesting at all feel free to check it out here:…

tempting links above!... click them and you can have this cookie!

completely genuine (not made out of 1's and 0's) cookie right here :3
totally not fake...



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Thanks for the llama! Love +fav +fav 
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Beautiful artworks well done ! :-)
And thanks for llama
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Many thanks and best regards :D!
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Thank ye fer the llama! I was wondering what process you use to add lighting into your background, in your drawings Steps, and Crossroads?
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Thanks for the fav friend! I really appreciate that! Say, your art is really good!
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